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    2007, 2016 & 2017


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    2017-18 Season: TRYOUT AND TEAM DETAILS.

    Updated 10/17/17 


    October 19th and 20th

    Thursday and Friday 

    12:00 - 2:00

    $5 per Skater

    Hermantown Tournament Dates are set!

    **No Gate Fees**

    Register Now!

    December 2-3: U12A $950  One Spot JUST Opened!

     December 2-3: U15A  $950- FULL

    December 8-10: SQB  $950- FULL

    January 6-7: PWB $1025- FULL

    January 12-14: BNB2 $1075- FULL

    January 19-21: BNA $1075-FULL

    January 26-28 SQA $950- 1 Spot Remaining!

    February 2-4 PWA $1025-FULL

    February 9-11 U10B $950- FULL

    February 16-18 M1 Jamboree $275

    February 23-25 M2 Jamboree $275




    Nhl element view

    NHL 2017 Draft


    Selected #43 overall by the Winnepeg Jets

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    Sponsored by Louie Kliniski Caring Bridge

    Louie Kliniski Caring Bridge

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    Louie Kliniski a Moose Lake (MLAHA) Bantam player and youth Ref was involved in a horrible dirt bike accident on August 7th. While making improvements, he remains in critical condition at St. Mary's. 

    The family is asking for prayers for Louie and if you are able to donate blood, please do.  Multiple transfusions played a part in saving his life. MLAHA will be hosting a blood drive in the next few weeks if anyone is interested.  Please follow Louie's Caring Bridge page to stay updated!

    Charitable Gaming Locations

    Sponsored by Skyline Lounge - Dave's Pizza and Bowling

    Skyline Lounge - Dave's Pizza and Bowling

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    4894 Miller Trunk Hwy, Duluth, MN 55811  (218) 727-8555


    Sponsored by Beacon Sports Bar & Grill

    Beacon Sports Bar & Grill

    Visit Website

    5044 Hermantown Rd, Hermantown, MN 55811  (218) 729-6149


    Sponsored by Sunset Bar & Grill

    Sunset Bar & Grill

    Visit Website

    4483 Martin Rd, Duluth, MN 55803  

    (218) 723-7855

    Sponsored by Eagles Nest Resort

    Eagles Nest Resort

    Visit Website

    6103 LaVaque Rd, Duluth, MN 55803

    (218) 721-4147


    Sponsored by Foster's Sports Bar

    Foster's Sports Bar

    Visit Website

    4767 Arrowhead Rd, Hermantown, MN 55811 (218) 727-7002