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2007, 2016 & 2017

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Summer Camp Opportunity

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MN WILD Youth Spotlight: Hermantown Bantam B 1-30-2018






U15 STATE 2nd Place

U12A District Champions, STATE 6th Place

U12B District 3rd Place

U10 Blue & U10 White seeded 1 &2 for Districts



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Mite 1 end of season team partySubmitted by Trish Crace

I want to express my sincerest thank you to you and the varsity boys hockey team.  When I was planning for the Mite 1 party I wanted to do something that they would really remember.

I can say that I think that I managed to do that with a simple idea and the help of you and several of your boys!  From the light show (Joe is amazing) to the surprise of the boys hitting the ice (in varsity jerseys) and the looks on the little ones faces, I couldn't be happier!  Parents were thrilled as well!  I was watching them interact with the kids and I really couldn't be prouder of them.  They had a pile of kids surrounding them and they really did interact with them.  I loved watching them play keep away!!

I know that the timing was an imposition with the Bulldogs in the championship game but those boys, even needing to leave town to get to the game, still CHOSE to come and skate with the kids and really make some dreams come true!

Side story; I literally have to listen to my boys EVERY night do commentary:  "Scoring for the Hermantown Hawks, number 18....Tyyyyler Waaatkins".  I literally hear that so much that it is almost like that annoying car insurance jingle :)  No offence Tyler!!

Anyways, just wanted to let you know how much that meant to over 60 kids and how parents and coaches both saw, appreciated and felt how amazing it is when the program really does come full circle!  Having been in different communities in my life, this really is the first time I have seen where the "old" interact with the "young" and really give back to the same program they have grown up with.  I know that isn't something that happens even with other programs within this same community.  I can say that I am proud to be in this "hockey" community.

Keep up the great work and please do let your boys know that that hour of their time had more of an impact on little minds than they know!