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Hermantown Hockey registration is now open for the 2019-2020 regular season.

Registration will remain open until 8/24/2019.  Please take a moment to review the updated player & family packet information and registration instructions and let us know if you have any questions.

All reference materials as well as the registration link can be found on our HAHA homepage, and by clicking here:

2019-2020 Registration closes in


Hermantown Seeks Youth Hockey Coaches

The Hermantown Amateur Hockey Association is seeking qualified coaching candidates for the 2019-2020 season at the Boys Bantam, Peewee, and Squirt levels along with Girls U12 and U15 levels.  Interested applicants should contact Jon Francisco, HAHA Player Development Coordinator, at


2007, 2016 & 2017

Hermantown Summer League:


Emails have been sent to the address listed on the registration form.  If you have not received an email please contact me at:

Hermantown Summer League: PeeWee's

Hermantown White Hermantown Navy Hermantown Gold Hemantown 4th
Kale Smith Ty McDonald Tyler Fath Gus Skur
Jasper Markovich Kaylee Hites Brody Eikam Easton Sinnott
Charlie Marchand Rylee Kalkbrenner Drew Laspi Cayden Manion
Kyler Berg Cooper Kalkbrenner Brede Miller Jack Benner
Sawyer Rust Nick Lane Bode Madill Henry Peterson
Victor Plante Cole Palokangas Hunter Nelson Luke Flaada
Zion Buerskin Brennan Malmstrom Nathan Gjessing Landon Hernesman
Cade Winans Ford Skytta Jaxsen Ericksen Jimmy Bartsch
Cooper Caine Stewart Jondreau Peighton Paulson Gavin Gibson
Tatum Sawyer Bryson Cherney Gavin Gimpel Jack Slattengren
Cam Solem Gianna Schinigoi Taylor Schultz Brenner Quinn
Kaden Sahr Natalie Walker Marcus Madsen Jacob Klingaman
Dusty Mattson Alyvia Baker Adalyn Benson Trever Matteen
Logan Aguilar Bryce Francisco: GOALIE AJ Francisco Kyler Black
Quinn Andrews: GOALIE Cole Sharrow: GOALIE Evan Sundell: GOALIE
Coaches: Coaches: Coaches: Coaches:
John Marchand Jon Kalkbrenner Troy Fath Jeff Skur
Tim Rust Brian McDonald Erik Nelson Paul Sinnott
Ryan Solem Jeff Laspi Ryan Hernesman
Dan Smith

Hermantown Summer League: Squirts

Hermantown Navy Hermantown White Hermantown Gold
Brenden Bugliosi Easton Kukowski Isaiah Sawyer
Brekken Postal Nolan Manion Kolby Hedley
Drew Sonneson TJ Wojtysiak Jackson Dorn
Mick Martalock Devan Zembo Luke McDonald
Taylee Manion Broden Park Jordy Sewell
Keegan Bradley Kale Hanson Ty Rautio
Kestan Bradley Cam Skopinski Ben Lane
Presley Paulson Gabe Swenson Ty Wetmore
Easton Cherney Lex Paczynski Lane Nichols
Alex Hanson Nolan Selzler Nathan Graupman
Eyan Winkleman Grant Sharrow Evan Hokanson
Berkley Hoff Max Collins Gaborik Jones
Grady Hoff Tucker Bradford Parker Swart
Lilly Ernst Gabe Bessett Michael Raphael
Carter Nash: GOALIE Liam Sundell: GOALIE Ethan Aysta: GOALIE
Coaches: Coaches: Coaches:
Frank Postal Nate Kukowski Travis Hedley
Joe Bugliosi David Manion Mike Sawyer
Scott Wojtysiak

Hermantown Summer League: Mites- Updated 4.29.19

Hermantown GOLD Hermantown NAVY Hermantown WHITE
Hudson Postal Jace Stokke Kal Skur
Brady Kukowski Ethan Johnson Brooks Skur
Boston Carlson Brayden Suovieri Jace Clauson
Levi Litchke Mickie Poole Maverick Park
Mason Williams Jackson Poole Salvador Fellman
Gavin Flaherty Callan Hacker Haylie Lalone
Clara Thomas Brantley Bucheger Henry Rizzi
Jackson Thomas Gabriel Bradley Caden Boren
Noah Perell Easton Johnson Owen Lindahl
Jacob Pelawa Adrien Munger Blake Mesojedec
Landen Zembo: GOALIE Easton Skorseth: GOALIE Michael Pederson
Easton Matthews: GOALIE
Coaches: Coaches: Coaches:
Frank Postal Jesse Stokke Jon Clauson
Nate Kukowski Kevin Johnson Jeff Skur
Cullen Flaherty Chris Skorseth Ben Lalone
Sponsored by Francisco Hockey Camps 2019

Francisco Hockey Camps 2019

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2019-2020 Peewee and Squirt Hermantown ONLY players and goalies can now be registered for the fall camp.


2019-2020 Peewee and Bantam players and goalies can register for the NEW Contact Camp.  There are 5 different, 2-day camps offered and open to all associations.  Check out the website for dates, locations and times.  Goalies are needed as well and will also receive instruction.

Why provide contact camps? It is a safe/fun way to learn and improve body contact and checking.  Understanding how to use your body in hockey is essential.  We will teach players how to do that in a controlled environment using our custom checking dummies.  We recreate game-like scenarios that include pucks and goalies to help with the transition from practice to games.

Watch this video and check out the website for more information.

S3 Pat Andrews Camp

Bantam and High School

Ffqh logo element view

Fast Feet Quick Hands Camp

Squirt - PeeWee-Bantam

Girls U10 - U12 - U15

All ice at Hermantown

CLICK HERE for details

Donate to Fund a Hockey Hawk

Click on the link below to make a donation to Fund a Hockey Hawk

Registration for Hermantown Youth Hockey Financial Assitance

Click on the link below to apply for financial assistance.

HAHA_Hockey Hermantown Hockey HAHA_Hockey





PHMirage PH Mirage Hockey PHMirage

Sponsored by Mirage in the NWHL

Mirage in the NWHL

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Emma Stauber

Minnesota Whitecaps

Sponsored by Hawks in the NHL: 2018

Hawks in the NHL: 2018

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Cole Koepke

Tampa Bay Lightning

Sponsored by Hawks in the NHL: 2018

Hawks in the NHL: 2018

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Neal Pionk #44

NY Rangers

Sponsored by Hawks in the NHL: 2017

Hawks in the NHL: 2017

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Dylan Samberg

Winnepeg Jets

Charitable Gaming Locations

Sponsored by Skyline Lounge - Dave's Pizza and Bowling

Skyline Lounge - Dave's Pizza and Bowling

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4894 Miller Trunk Hwy, Duluth, MN 55811  (218) 727-8555


Sponsored by Beacon Sports Bar & Grill

Beacon Sports Bar & Grill

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5044 Hermantown Rd, Hermantown, MN 55811  (218) 729-6149


Sponsored by Foster's Sports Bar

Foster's Sports Bar

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4767 Arrowhead Rd, Hermantown, MN 55811 (218) 727-7002