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Player Development

Rink Rat Info


  • To encourage kids to play hockey outside of scheduled practices and games 


  • To encourage kids to play hockey outside of scheduled practices and games 


  • 40+ hours of extra practice time is the goal to earn a t-shirt 

  • Team practices and league/tournament games do not count for extra time 

  • Working on hockey skills, puck handling, shooting, skating skills and pick up games with friends/family 

  • Use the form below to record your player’s time 

  • Return your sheet to your coach NO LATER than February 15th 

  • Any other questions, contact your coach 

Puck Rat program info:

Hey HAHA Players/Families,

Hockey is right around the corner, yahoo!  Hopefully you were able to work on different parts of your game over the long break whether you were on the ice or off. This leads me to find out how we did with the Puck Rat Program and hoping you were all able to shoot a ton of pucks!  It is time to collect the Puck Rat Tracking Sheet, that hopefully you've got all filled out.  I've heard about some good rivalries/challenges betweens siblings and teammates, fun to hear!! Looking forward to seeing the results!  

As a reminder:

* Shoot 500 pucks a week for 12 weeks, 6,000 pucks are the goal to earn a Puck-Rat t-shirt.
*For a player that wants the challenge of shooting 10,000 pucks, they will receive a special
edition Gold Puck-Rat t-shirt
* Return your sheet to your level coordinator by September 15th which we will extend to the end of this week September 19th, hard copies are good if you can track down your coordinator or scanning and emailing to Level Coordinators or Player Development may work best in our Covid world.

Derek Thomas - Girls Coordinator

Jon Esterbrooks - Bantam Coordinator

Taras Lendzyk - Peewee Coordinator

Nate Kukowski - Squirt Coordinator

Adam Wright - Ice Mite & Mite 1 Coordinator

Nick Jones - Director of Player Development

* Any other questions, contact your level coordinator or player development


HAHA Player Development

Dice Board Challenge

Player is to roll 1 die and perform the corresponding activity/activities for that number in each of the categories (training, shooting, stick-handling) so they would do at least one from each category per day.  

Boards for each level are attached.  Please note:  there are two boards per level.

Links for conditioning ideas: