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HAHA Bylaws - click here to view

Board member and Coordinator position JOB DESCRIPTIONS begin on page #2.

Board and Coordinator Candidates 2018

President (2yr term) Marty Olson
Treasurer (2yr term) Dan Berg
Equipment Manager (2yr term) Steve Pruse
Ice Mite/Mite 1 Coordinator (1yr term) Jon Clauson
Mite 2 Coordinator (1yr term) Nate Kukowski
Squirt Coordinator (1yr term)
Girls Coordinator (1yr term) Krista Yokom
PeeWee Coordinator (1yr term) Brandon Thorsvik
Bantam Coordinator (1yr term) Jon Esterbrooks

Board of Directors Voting Meeting Details

The HAHA Board of Directors will have a member voting meeting on: WEDNESDAY APRIL 25, 2018 for the following Board and Director/Coordinator positions:

·        President (2-year term)

·        Treasurer (2-year term)

·        Equipment Manager (2-year term)

·        All Level Coordinators: (each level is 1-year term)    

o   Ice Mites/Mite 1

o   Mite 2

o   Squirt

o   Pee Wee

o   Bantam

o   Girls

1.      If you are interested in any of these positions, please email the Board Secretary your name and what position you would like to be listed for on the ballot  Email link can be found on the Board section of the HAHA website, or by clicking the contact link below.

2.      In an effort to keep information accurate and promote transparency, candidates will be listed on the HAHA webpage as they are received.  

Candidacy self-nominations are due NO LATER THAN 4/11/18 by Midnight CST.

Election Day Details:

April 25, 2018

Skyline Lodge

6:00pm -8:00pm Open Voting, with Board Meeting starting promptly at 8:00pm.

Voting Process - 2 votes allowed per HAHA family, multiplayer families are only allowed 1 set of votes.  Max 1 vote per person. 

There will be no write-in process for this election.  Any positions without nominees will be listed as-is either with candidate name(s) or empty if there was no nomination made by the deadline of 4/12.  Any vacancies will be reviewed and appointed to interested candidates by the board post-election.

Absentee ballots will not be available for this election. Members need to be present to vote.


Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank You,

HAHA Board